Millions of people 50+ are using their skills and talents to improve the world. Encore talent supports large and small nonprofits, government agencies and social enterprises in communities around the nation. They work in health care, culture and the arts, advocacy, human services, education and many other fields.

Whether you want to create a multigenerational workforce or develop encore-focused opportunities, start by exploring the benefits of encore talent. People 50+ can be a unique asset for your organization, bringing a wealth of transferable skills from midlife careers and life experience. Beyond specific skill sets and expertise, they come with maturity and are often driven by a desire for purpose and impact – a longing to leave a legacy for future generations.

Photo: Judith B. Van Ginkel, President, Every Child Succeeds
Provides in-home services for first-time, at-risk mothers — including parenting support — to improve the lives of young families.

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