Encore talent describes people age 50+ who apply their skills, energy and passion for the greater good. They represent the emergence of a new life stage – one that is built on meaningful work with social impact.

For social sector organizations with tight resources, growing demand and leadership succession challenges, encore talent can be part of the solution. Encore employees, social entrepreneurs and skilled volunteers can extend impact and help build capacity. Get the facts, understand about how encore talent is being deployed in different ways, and get ready to engage experienced adults to increase your organization’s social impact.


Photo: Michael Watson, former Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity, Girl Scouts of the USA
From corporate HR to nonprofit HR management.

About the Talent

Learn about today's encore-stage adults

How You Benefit

Evidence and stories of how encore talent boosts capacity

Get Started

Action steps to identify and design encore engagements

Tap Volunteers

Strategies to engage encore talent as volunteers

Hire Encore

Proven approaches to hire encore talent as employees and consultants


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